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Vastu Energy Cleansing Simple Tips वास्तु ऊर्जा शुद्धीकरण काही सोपे उपाय

Vastu Energy Cleansing Simple Tips वास्तु ऊर्जा शुद्धीकरण काही सोपे उपाय. In this video i have explain how vastu energy clean with the help of dhoop, loban, aroma, and bramhastra salt any vastu can be clean with the help of these vastu remedy tools, these tools are usefull to remove negative energy brings positive energy and happyness कोणत्याही वास्तूत गेल्यावर त्रास होणे, डोके, अंग जाड पडणे हे वास्तु ऊर्जा बिघडल्याचे लक्षण असते, अश्या वेळेस वास्तु मधील जाळे ,कचरा साफ केल्याने ऊर्जा सुधारण्यास मदत होते तसेच मिठाचा जो उपयोग या व्हिडिओत सांगितला आहे त्याने खूप चांगला फरक दिसून येतो for negative energy https://youtu.be/GHAJQK3PuhI Abhay Agaste is a renowned astrologer & a professional consultant, recognized for his accurate and scientific guidance in the field of Astrology and Vastushastra, Ratnashastra, Geopathic. He is having a profound study of all aspects of Jyotish, Vastu and Ratnashastra. Dr Abhay is PhD in Geopathic Stress. He has changed the perspective of Indian Astrology by giving it a modern and a scientific approach through his consultancy and training programs. He is a master in K.P. Astrology while predicting the Horoscope he uses K.P. System. He applies his logic, analytical power & knowledge of varied subjects while giving his astrology predictions. Since last many years he is studying & practising astrology. http://jyotishvedh.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JVSIRC www.linkedin.com/in/abhay-agaste-88b80123 https://twitter.com/AbhayAgaste https://jyotish-vaastu.blogspot.com/ https://g.page/JVSIRC?gm https://www.instagram.com/abhayagaste/


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